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An annual robotic competition and exhibition for students to share their knowledge and expertise in the field. WiseEDU collaborates with organisers to host WRG in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Invention Exhibitions

Our aim is to host engaging and interesting exhibitions for children and teens to showcase STEAM knowledge and learn from one another.


An annual science family carnival event that allows students to create and learn. It started since 2017 and has garnered an average of 70 thousands participants per year. 


Through this overnight camp, kids will learn about STEAM, work together to brainstorm and build their own inventions. 


This competition aims to promote sustainable inventions. In 2019, it attracted more than 130 teams across 5 countries to participate.  

The iMaker Festival gathers innovative students to showcase their inventions to solve everyday problems. It aims to build interests and empower students in innovative thinking.

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